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Job Advertisement (AD): VMware Infrastructure Specialist
About Us: We are currently seeking a talented VMware Infrastructure Specialist to join our client’s team. 

In this role, you’ll play a pivotal part in managing, maintaining, and optimising VMware Infrastructure Cluster Environments, ensuring top-notch security, reliability, and performance. Your expertise will be instrumental in supporting various IT department activities, from change management to Microsoft support and networking and firewall tasks.

Key Responsibilities:
VMware Infrastructure Mastery:
Take charge of the day-to-day operation and administration of VMware Infrastructure Cluster Environments.
Guarantee the availability, reliability, and high performance of virtualization resources.
Patch Management:
Lead the implementation and management of the Update Manager patching process to maintain the VMware environment’s currency and security.
Skillfully schedule and coordinate maintenance windows for patching activities.
Troubleshooting Expertise:
Conduct thorough troubleshooting of VMware infrastructure issues, swiftly identifying root causes and implementing effective solutions.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to resolve intricate technical problems.
Hardening and Security Measures:
Establish and sustain security measures and best practices to safeguard the VMware infrastructure against vulnerabilities and threats.
Conduct regular reviews and updates of security policies and configurations.
Monitoring and Health Checks:
Continuously monitor the health and performance of the VMware environment.
Generate periodic status reports and proactively address any issues to maintain peak performance.
Support for Department Activities:
Collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams to define and execute General Change Requests (GCRs) related to VMware infrastructure.
Lend expertise in Microsoft support and contribute to the resolution of Microsoft technology-related issues.
Participate in networking and firewall activities as required.

Essential: Must hold a VMWare VCP 7 Certification.
Project Management Skills:
Demonstrated prowess in project management, including the ability to plan, execute, and oversee complex VMware infrastructure projects.
Infrastructure Setup Proficiency:
Proven expertise in configuring complete VMware Clusters, including networking and storage configurations.
Networking and Storage Familiarity:
Familiarity with Fiber Channel switches, switches, SAN storage, and their integration with VMware infrastructure.
VMware Expertise:
Proficiency in VMware technologies, including DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler), DPM (Distributed Power Management), and High Availability designs.
SAN Storage Knowledge:
Familiarity with SAN storage systems and their application in a virtualized environment.
CLI Proficiency:
High proficiency in VMware Command Line Interface (CLI) for efficient management and troubleshooting.
P2V Experience:
Proven experience with Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) migrations.
Additional Skills:
General knowledge of backup systems and Microsoft technologies is advantageous, given the multi-technology environment support aspect of the role.

If you possess these qualifications and are ready to take on this exciting opportunity, please submit your application.


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