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Cybersecurity Production Line engineer

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity Specialist for Production Facilities – Wemding, Bavaria
Are you passionate about cybersecurity and interested in securing production plants and automation processes? We are seeking a talented Cybersecurity Specialist to join our client’s team in Wemding, Bavaria.
This is a fully on-site role where you’ll be responsible for creating and implementing cybersecurity concepts to safeguard our client’s production facilities and ensure smooth operations.

  • Develop and create comprehensive cybersecurity concepts for our production facilities.
  • Connect relevant production stations to cybersecurity servers to enhance overall security.
  • Create detailed cybersecurity specifications to address potential vulnerabilities.
  • Manage and track cybersecurity projects from inception to completion.
  • Conduct audits with customers to ensure compliance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support to address any cybersecurity issues.


  • Previous experience in working with production plants or automation systems.
  • Strong understanding of production processes and their cybersecurity implications.
  • Knowledge of standard cryptographic algorithms and Hardware Security Modules (HSM).
  • Familiarity with ISO 21434 (optional but desirable).
  • Knowledge of secure onboard communication (optional but desirable).

Useful Skills:

  • Basic proficiency with PC operations, including FTP connections and server management.
  • Basic programming knowledge in Python, Batch, C#, C++.
  • Experience in backend communication protocols such as RestAPI and SOAP.

Personality Traits:

  • Open-minded towards new IT technologies and strategies.
  • Excellent team player with the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues.
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing project requirements.
  • Well-organized and capable of managing multiple tasks concurrently.
  • Ability to handle and thrive under stressful situations.

Your Priorities: We understand that certain aspects are essential to you, and we value your priorities. In the interview process, we’ll focus on understanding your specific requirements to ensure we can provide a fulfilling and enriching work environment.
If you are a cybersecurity enthusiast with a strong background in production facilities and automation, and you possess the necessary technical skills and personality traits, we encourage you to apply! Join our client’s team in Wemding, Bavaria, and play a vital role in ensuring the cybersecurity of their production processes.
To apply, please submit your resume along with a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and how you align with the job requirements and personality traits.


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Arian Kazem

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