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Proud to Introduce our new Swiss Team Member Constanze

Constanze Dostal

Nickname: Consi/ Consti/ Stanzi/

Constanze 1

Generally, I would describe myself as very optimistic and positively minded. In my career, as well as outside of my working life, I am always aiming for development and the achievement of new goals, which roots in a large field of interests ranging from psychology, philosophy and classical music to natural sciences and economics. It is one of my biggest passions to help people exploring their potential and finding their mission in life. I refuse to believe in ideologies and rather tend to believe in passion, since this is it what brings the best out of people. Having said that, I would probably see authenticity and belief in own strengths as the two secrets, which bring not only success but also happiness in life. I also do believe, that we all have to contribute our part to a glorious future and cyber security will be an important topic for all of us.

‘Life is a story, make yours a bestseller !’
Geht nicht – gibt’s nicht‘

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Why did you join Adeptis Group?

Who wouldn’t like to work for the global leader in cyber security? 😉

How did you end up working in recruitment?

I like challenges! And I like to aim for the impossible: finding cyber security experts who are currently searching for a job and have the time to talk to me.

What would be your second choice job?

I would always rather go for my primary choice.

How my colleagues see me?

I seriously don’t know. However, it would be interesting to know. I’m quite sure there are loads of prejudices against Austrians.

Where you see yourself in 5 years?

Wherever life will take me. If the Brexit goes through, most probably not in the UK.

What do you do to preserve the planet?

A number of things. One main thing would be to reduce plastic wastage and drinking tap water instead of bottled water. Makes sense, doesn’t it!?

Get in touch with me if you are looking for a new challenge for your career path in Switzerland

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