HSBC Exposed Mortgage Account Information on the Internet

HSBC has reportedly been notifying U.S. customers that the company mistakenly made sensitive mortgage account information publicly available on the internet, putting an undisclosed number of clients at risk.

“We are conducting a thorough review of the potentially affected records and have implemented additional security measures designed to prevent a recurrence of such an incident,” the bank said.

“We have ensured that the information is no longer accessible publicly. The company has notified law enforcement and the credit reporting agencies of the incident, and no delay in advising you has been caused by law enforcement notification.”

The bank said they had discovered of the incident late last month and acknowledged that the customer data may been exposed since at least the end of 2014.

“At that time, we became aware of an incident where certain personal information about customer mortgage accounts was inadvertently made accessible via the internet which we believe was towards the end of last year,” the notification stated.

“This information included the name, social security number, account number and some old account information, and may have included phone numbers.”

The breach thus far is reported to impact customers of the HSBC subsidiaries Beneficial Financial, Beneficial Homeowner Service Corporation, Beneficial Maine, Beneficial Massachusetts, Beneficial New Hampshire, Household Finance Corporation, Household Finance Corporation of Alabama, Household Financial Center, and Household Realty Corporation.

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