SwaggSec Hacker Sentenced to Prison for Attacks

Mario Patrick Chuisano, a member of the SwaggSec hacking group, was sentenced to three years in federal prison and ordered to pay $2,662,438.80 in restitution for participating in a series of attacks that that targeted at DirecTV, Farmers Insurance and the Los Angeles Department of Public Works.

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation also had seized equipment that could be used to manufacture counterfeit credit and debit cards.

According to court documents, during 2012 and 2013, SwaggSec – a.k.a. “Swagg Security” – carried out the attacks and leaked some of the data stolen from the compromised systems online.

Chuisano acknowledged that he installed a Remote Access Trojan (R.A.T.) on a computer of an insurance agent and used it to steal reports and documents related to sales agents, as well as thousands of emails and passwords from Farmers Insurance.

“The theft and release of passwords is particularly disturbing because many people use the same passwords for activities of daily Internet life, such as banking and device access,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo.

“Publishing stolen passwords accompanied by other identifying information about individuals invites ‘follow-on’ victimization. Moreover, even the naked passwords absent other identifying information can be used by criminals to increase password databases used in brute-force password cracking programs.”

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