Sexy Cyber – Is it the next Number One Vocation??

It doesn’t take a genius to have noticed that the InfoSec/ Cyber Security market is buzzing with opportunities.
Since I joined this exciting growing market I have actively encouraged my young teenagers to consider a career in this area and have nudged them in the right direction whilst they’ve been considering their subject options. Even more so for my daughter, with the knowledge of the distinct lack of women in Cyber, organisations are keen to close the gender gap.

It used to be the case that pushy parents would steer their budding little super stars into safe bet high earning careers……. “Be a Doctor!” Or “Be a Lawyer!”.
Two of my close GP friends recently moved to Australia to gain a better work life balance. Being a Doctor in the UK is not all it’s cracked up to be: long hours, lots of admin and red tape. I know what I consider to be a more attractive option!

Also unbeknown to me, were the breath of opportunities in different areas that are available and the movement of professionals geographically. From Digital Forensic Investigators in Germany to Identity Access Mangers in Switzerland to a huge demand of Penetration Testers and Security Consultants globally, the opportunities are never ending.
See here more of our current opportunities we are actively recruiting for in the UK, DACH Region & France.


Written by Amanda15

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