Part 1/3: Top 11 tips to dealing with Cyber Security Recruitment Agencies when job hunting

Part 1/3: Tips to dealing with recruitment agencies when job hunting in Cyber Security.

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  1. Find an industry specialist

Look for a recruiter who is specialised in Cyber Security, rather than a generic Tech Recruiter. Also, try to find one that has a strong presence in your geographical area. It’s important that whoever you are dealing with has a strong client base and is in a position to offer you multiple opportunities. Look on the job boards for recruitment companies that regularly post relevant jobs in your area and check out their website to see what jobs they are advertising. In addition, look the recruiters’ online profiles, do they present themselves as a specialist recruiter in Cyber Security?

  1. Find an industry specialist with a good reputation

Generally speaking, you should look for a specialised recruiter with at least 2 years’ experience. However, the amount of time someone has been a recruiter doesn’t necessarily have bearing on the quality of their work or reputation. You can easily find terrible recruiters with a lot of experience, and great recruiters who are just starting out. It all depends on their personality, approach and the training and support they are provided with. So, if a recruiter has a lot of jobs it means that clients are trusting them with their vacancies, that’s a good first indication.
Next, have a look at their online profiles, if they have recommendations from people they have helped get a new job. That means their candidates are happy too and you may be on to a winner! But, the final test should be to speak to the recruiter. Ask them what type of clients they are dealing with, how many vacancies they have in your area and how they work.

A good recruiter should be in a position to present you with multiple opportunities, brief you on the client and the role in detail and support you through the process. You should feel comfortable and confident in working with any recruiter.


  1. Don’t work with multiple recruitment agencies

There are only a few really good Cyber Security Recruiters out there, and chances are that most companies will engage with two or even three in order to fill their vacancies, so there will be a lot of duplication.

Secondly, a recruiter lives from their network, so there may even be opportunities that are not on the open job market, but the recruiter knows just who to call about your profile.

One of the worst things that can happen during a job seeking process is when your profile is presented multiple times to the same company. This can cost you the job! So, if there are multiple recruiters you would like to work with, try to work with them one at a time. Pick the first, give them 4 weeks and see if they come up trumps before you engage with the next.


… Read more next week in part II

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