Our new team member Andy Greer

Andrew Greer
Nickname: Andy

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Rather than going to University, I wanted to take a different route into my professional life. I started with an advanced modern apprenticeship in electrical engineering. During my time as an apprentice I was working in a team of four people building industrial computers and servers for businesses across the globe. Following the completion of my apprenticeship, I was promoted to manager of my department and lead the team for a year, before I decided to change my career path. I had worked very closely with the sales team in my role and loved the look of the job so I took my first steps in a career in sales with Capita. The constantly challenging environment that sales provided was amazing and I quickly gained a fascination with the world of cyber security. I find it a vibrant and constantly evolving unique industry to work in. Having worked in cyber-related sales for over a year, I made the move across to recruitment – I have not been here long at all, but I am really enjoying it. I hope to be doing this for quite some time!

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Favourite Quote

You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain – Miyamoto Musashi

Why did you join Adeptis Group?

For a couple of reasons, the first being that I am passionate about Cyber Security. Adeptis take what they do very seriously and I was keen to join a team of people that share my interest in the area. Secondly, I think recruitment is quite often given a bad name by a select few people who approach the market in the wrong way. I was actually approached by Adeptis to work for one of their clients, my experience of dealing with Adeptis was incredible. The staff were very helpful and seemed to genuinely care about what it is that I was looking for on a personal level. When they offered me the opportunity to join that team I jumped at it!

How did you end up working in recruitment?

 I actually come from a more technical background in computer hardware, I spent 4 years as an apprentice electrical engineer. I loved what I did, but I am a people person and wanted to spend more time interacting with people as part of my profession. With this in mind I moved into sales, which is how I appeared on the radar of Adeptis as a potential candidate. The rest, as they say, is history.

What would be your second choice job?

Well, my first choice job was Archaeologist until I found out that Indiana Jones wasn’t factually accurate, who knew? I would actually love to work in social engineering, I find the human element of cyber security fascinating.

How my colleagues see me?

Pretty easily, I’m a big guy.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am just starting my career in recruitment and hope that in 5 years I have built a great professional network of both clients and candidates. I want my work to speak for itself, for the people that I engage with, to walk away feeling that I am genuinely here to help and will always do my best. In 5 years I want that to be my reputation in the market.

What do you do to preserve the planet?

I try to do everything I can on a personal level to lower my negative impact on the environment. Recycling and trying to be as green as possible when it comes to power and fuel usage.

If you are looking for a new challenge in your life and the next step in your career, get in touch with me on 01237 855 350 or per mail on [email protected]


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