Our new Intern Julie Annis


Julie Annis
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I am come from Grenoble in France and I am currently doing a two-year
technical Degree HND in International Trade. At the end of this academic year,
I had the opportunity to do an internship in an other country, so I have
chosen England to improve my English.

I am a creative person that likes drawing and going for a run in my free time.

Why did you join Adeptis Group?
I am with Adeptis for just 3 weeks, but I really enjoy it. I am doing my
internship at Adeptis is a big opportunity to improve my skills
because the french cyber security market is rapidly expanding. Besides,
working with the Adeptis team is really nice, it’s a good working atmosphere and
very pleasant.
How did you end up working in recruitment?
What I like in recruitment is you can help people to find a better
life with a better job.
What would be your second choice job?
Maybe marketing ?
How my colleagues see me?
As a shy, but very friendly person
Where you see yourself in 5 years?
As a successful graduate that is working in an international corporation, either as a business developer or as a marketer.
What do you do to preserve the planet?
I walk all the time when I am going somewhere in the town and only use my
car just for long distances.

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