Oliver Nissel, our new team member!

Oliver Nissel

Nickname: Oli

Oliver Nissel


I have always had a great interest in technology and ended up undertaking a computer/ broadcasting science course at university. From there I went on to become a technical assistant for a television broadcasting company.

I enjoyed the technical aspect of the job, but wanted a more challenging and business-orientated position. As a result, I found the world of cyber security recruitment. Even though I haven’t had much time working at Adeptis I already love the fast-paced environment, learning more about cyber security every day!

My favourite Quote

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” Milton Berle

oliver nissel

Why did you join Adeptis Group? 

Well, as I really wanted to get into recruitment I thought it would be a good idea to apply for a role that involved a technical aspect as technology is a passion of mine. As a result, I came across Adeptis and wanted to be a part of the company as the agency purely deals with cyber security.

How did you end up working in recruitment?

Due to the fact that I didn’t like living in London and wanted a change of career, I was looking for a more involved job with a thriving working environment, such as recruitment. I’ve always had an interest in business, so I chose to work in recruitment as I like the opportunities and incentives it has to offer.


What would be your second choice job?

Well, I always used to come up with interesting ideas/ products so an inventor/ entrepreneur would be a good second choice for a career!


How my colleagues see me?

I should think they see me as a technical guy, as I am normally the one everyone comes to with any computer problems.

Where you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to see myself living in or nearby Brighton as a senior recruitment consultant at Adeptis.

What do you do to preserve the planet?

I try to recycle as much as possible and have a motorbike, which is incredibly fuel economic.

Contact me on o.nissel(at)adeptisgroup.com or 01273 855 350

Oliver Nissel

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