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Anna Wegner


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I’m from Berlin, Germany and I came to the UK one year and 7 months ago. Brighton is an beautiful, place near to the countryside and close to London with a great bunch of people. I enjoy living here because it’s very international with lots of different cultures and the big plus is obviously the sea.

From a business perspective I’m a classic salesperson. I can combine this with matching people’s wishes of a great career with companies looking for specialist talent.

Personally, I’m a dog-lover, a friend of the good old after-work-beer, going to the beach as much as possible and exploring the countryside.

I love football, traveling and found my passion for surfing. I don’t like interacting with ignorant people, as well as people who don’t have any courage and I hate it when people are judged based on simple minds and stereotypes.

Success doesn’t just come and find you. You have to go out and get it!

Why did you join Adeptis Group

Firstly because Adeptis is the Global Leader in Cyber Security Staffing. It’s still a niche market for recruitment and working for the leader in this field is obviously a great opportunity. Also, I think the area cyber crime keeps you interested and busy. Secondly, because the company is still growing and there is a huge potential for the future. Especially to be a part of the DACH team and helping grow this specific market it’s really exciting.

How did you end up working in recruitment?
I’m come from a classic sales background, in the B2B sector for digital products. Finding out the need of a company and presenting a solution was what drove me. From being a team lead I was more focused on the rewards of interacting with people in different ways to make them better, more successful and find out their needs and how they can progress. Finally, I wanted to mix up these both areas, and recruitment provided this opportunity.

What would be your second choice job?
“Professional Surfing Chick” or “Lady James Bond”

How my colleagues see me?
As an ambitious, professional salesperson and a natural, laid-back gal where the culture clash between German and English comes together.

Where you see yourself in 5 years?
As a Recruitment Manager in a well grown market.

What do you do to preserve the planet?
When I go shopping I use my own bags instead of plastic bags, I recycle and donate to NGO’s.

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 Contact Anna on +49 (0) 30 220 126 00 or via email: a.wegner[at]adeptisgroup[dot]com

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