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Just released – European Commission on public attitudes to Cyber Crime

European Commission on public attitudes to Cyber Crime

This report brings together the results of the Special Eurobarometer public opinion survey on “Cyber security” in the 28 European Union countries.

Cybercrime is a borderless problem, consisting of criminal acts that are committed online by using electronic communications networks and information systems, including crimes specific to the Internet, online fraud and forgery, and illegal online content.

Whilst the value of the cyber criminal economy as a whole is not precisely known, the losses are thought to represent billions of euros per year. The scale of the problem is itself a threat to law enforcement response capability – with more than 150,000 viruses and other types of malicious code in circulation and a million people victims of cybercrime every day…

EU legislative actions contributing to the fight against cybercrime address issues such as attacks against information systems, online offensive material and child pornography, online privacy, and online fraud and counterfeiting.

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