Edward Snowden leaks did the marketing for GCHQ in its spy recruitment drive

GCHQ says that it is now viewed as a cutting edge technology operation making it more attractive to potential recruits. It has been two years since Edward Snowden first revealed in leaked documents the extent of the UK Government Communications Headquarters’ (GCHQ) top secret operations, broadening awareness of the realm of cyberespionage.

As the cyber landscape continues to evolve, the spying agency needs to recruit people with the right technical skills to keep it at the forefront of global cybersecurity. So have the continuous stream of leaks about its surveillance operations harmed its chances of landing the best and brightest the UK has to offer?

GCHQ has never been more appealing

Absolutely not says one 25-year veteran of the organisation who told IBTimes UK that the opposite is in fact true, and that GCHQ has never appeared more appealing to those with the right skills.

Speaking anonymously, the man known simply as Chris, said that when he tells potential recruits that he is from GCHQ and part of the “security mission” it doesn’t put them off: “I don’t hide where I come from, I say ‘I come from GCHQ and am part of the security mission, do you have a problem with that?’ and they say ‘No, we want to work for exceptional organisations, we want to work on the most challenging problems of the day.’ And we can offer them that.”

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