Skills gap to blame for breaches, say cyber pros

The often reported gap in online security skills seems set to continue, after a new report indicates that by the year 2020, the UK will be short of more than a million trained cyber professionals.

Frost and Sullivan’s seventh Global Workforce Survey features some interesting insights for cyber security teams, CISOs and the online security sector as a whole.

The most worrying statistic in the report predicts a 1.5m shortage in cyber security professionals in the next five years. Half of all online security personnel believe that to be an important factor in the rise of data breaches.

The staff shortage affects how enterprises are able to respond to breaches. Around 44 per cent said that it can take up to a week to correct data breaches, while a further 19 per cent said that it can take three weeks.

The managing director of cyber security educators EMEA, Adrian Davis, commented:

“Our first workforce study was conducted in 2004 to illuminate critical concerns within information and cyber-security that were struggling for attention.

“The 2015 report shows that many of these issues are finally getting much needed budget and priority. Unfortunately, we are now facing new challenges and our skills and staffing challenge is growing.”

Staff shortages are an issue in any department but, with cyber security, the effects can be catastrophic. Data breaches not only cause havoc with an organisation’s ability to perform tasks, but can also cause customers to be disillusioned. A shortage of people to fill cyber security jobs paints a worrying picture, and is an issue business owners should bear in mind in ensuring that they do all they can to fill that particular role.

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