Putting the ‘Human’ in Human Resources

Unfortunately, almost everyone has had a negative experience with a recruitment agency.

These negatives vary from person to person, but at the end of the day it is very common place. The most common complaints I have come across when discussing peoples‘ experience recruiters are things that could so easily be fixed.

Recruiters come from all kinds of backgrounds, but they are often forced into this very similar mould. At the end of the day, yes we are here to make money. But isn’t that the purpose for work in the first place? The troubles start when people focus on the money above what it is that a recruiter is actually there to do.

For a person to entrust you with handling their next career step is a big thing that should never be over looked! You essentially have a big part of that person’s life for the next few years in your hands. At Adeptis we take that very seriously, I am here to do the best that I can possibly do!

In recruitment that is too often boiled down to job titles and responsibilities. To think that anyone should make a career choice and commit to years at a job simply based on a list of ten bullet points is absolutely absurd.

We are here to help; we really believe that. I want to find the people I work with the perfect role, somewhere they can be happy for years to come. That takes a lot of work, but it is also very rewarding on a personal level. The next role for a person is based on so many factors that the only way to find the right one is to sit down and have a chat, as people. Why do people forget that, above all else we are all human?

We pride ourselves in the relationships that we build with both clients and candidatesbecause we treat everyone with the respect that they deserve.
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