Permanent Cyber Threats – Temporary, Contract and Interim Cyber Solutions

Permanent Cyber Threats – Temporary, Contract and Interim Cyber Solutions

The threat of cyber-crime isn’t going away. It is a permanent problem that businesses are facing day after day. Some are doing their upmost to fight it, whilst others still aren’t overly convinced of their own vulnerability.

Defence, prevention and response technologies are improving immensely, but as this industry grows, it is becoming harder and harder for companies to source and attract the people and skills they need to manage these systems, and ensure their businesses are on par with current and incoming regulations and standards.

Salaries are being driven up as demand out-strips supply. Permanent jobs are staying open for longer and companies are starting to compromise on quality to ensure they get at least someone with relevant experience on board.

Recently however, there seems to have been a realisation that the temporary / contract / interim candidate pool can provide some sort of answer to the demand for skills.

Contract recruitment is often seen as a last resort, a distraction from building a real team, or an expensive alternative… Even if these are your thoughts, surely it is better than hiring no one at all?

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If these skills really are needed to ensure your business is protected from the risk of cyber-attacks; then surely a breach will be more of a last resort, more of a distraction and certainly more expensive than utilising the Information Security Professionals that choose to work as contractors?!

Thankfully, more companies and hiring managers are coming around to this way of thinking. Contract recruitment within Information Security looks to be on the rise. It should be seen as what it is: a flexible, high skilled, low risk, turn-key, and cost-effective solution. It gives you access to the skills you need for the period of time that you need them.

Hiring contractors will never be the answer to the ‘skill shortage’ the industry faces, but opening the door to these candidates to get the skills required, may just go some way to stopping that next ‘inevitable’ attack.

Due to the continued growth and success of our Information Security, permanent staffing business, Adeptis Group is able to respond to the demands of the Information Security market. We are pleased to announce the formal launch of the contract side to our business. Driven by the demand we have seen from our clients; Adeptis Group has put together a team of skilled recruitment consultants to focus specifically on Information Security contract recruitment.

Should you be an Information Security professional working as a contractor, or interested in finding out more about contract / interim opportunities, then get in touch to talk about your career aspirations.

If you are looking to hire contract / interim Information Security professionals for your business, then let us know the skills you need, and our specialist Search Consultants will work to connect you with the industry’s top talent.

Our goal is simple: To assist companies source and attract the people and skills they need, to protect their and their clients’ businesses from the ever-growing threat of cybercrime!

For more information, please contact:

Hubert Colvin – Head of Contract Recruitment at Adeptis Group
01273 855 350

[email protected]

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