How Secure Is the Apple Watch?

Apple typically has impeccable timing for its new product introductions, but that may not be the case with its new smartwatch.

In a gala event last week, the company announced model and pricing detailsfor its Apple Watch. That came just six days after questions were raisedabout the security of its mobile payment platform. Those questions haven’t gone away, and now they’re also being asked about Apple’s smartwatch.

Wearable computing devices like the Apple Watch are still new territory for cybercriminals, but as more of these gadgets hit the market, they’ll start appearing on the radar of hackers.

That could be very soon, as 2015 is expected to be a watershed year for wearables. Shipments will jump 129 percent from last year to this year, with 43.2 million units expected to enter the market, Canalys predicted.

While Apple is keeping the nitty-gritty of its watch’s security close to its vest, it is touting a unique skin sensor that provides a measure of security for the device.

„When you take off or put on the watch, you’re required to enter a PIN, so there’s some capacity there for multifactor authentication,“ said Steve Pao, general manager for security business at Barracuda Networks.


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