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Identity Access Management


There are many challenges for businesses when it comes to ‘identity in the cloud’ and one big question mark is around, is security. New software is being created each month which helps businesses define and manage the roles and access rights for individual users.

With many businesses voicing that IAM remains a struggle, managing users access has never been so important.

In today’s digital age, the use of Cryptography is now widespread and crucial to businesses operating in spheres that involve extensive and sensitive levels of access control and information confidentiality. CISOs should enable digital business by advocating for stronger encryption that allows for higher levels of trust without sacrificing performance, flexibility or revenue generation.

Encryption is the process of systematically encoding a bit stream before transmission so that an unauthorized party cannot decipher it.

Adeptis Group is a cyber security recruitment specialists who can find you cyber security professionals working within Identity Access Management (IAM). These responsibilities could include ‘access management’ to control and monitor network access, ‘Identity lifecycle management’ to manage the entire set of process and technologies and assessing security environments.

Adeptis Group is specialised in recruiting for Cyber Security professionals with experience of Authentication and Encryption software and services such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Some of the positions we have filled within Identity Access Management (IAM) include

  • Identity and Access Management Architect
  • Cyber Security Identity & Access Management Consultant
  • Identity and Access Management Developer
  • Technical Architect
  • Identity and Access Management Analyst
  • IAM Consultant

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