Brexit – How does it affect your security (in the UK)?

UK voters decided to leave the European Union just a week ago and the majority of discussions about the Brexti are centered on the economy, immigration and education. But how does the Brexit affect UK businesses and their data security?

This is what Jonathan Palling has to say about the cyber security skills shortage.

Brexit: Will there be a shortage of Cyber skills?

It’s too early to say, but given the current shortage of cyber security talent, the UK may suffer in the long term.

“It’s simply too early to tell what the real impact of Brexit will be on the UK Cyber Security staffing market over the short, medium and long term.
It’s reasonable to assume that the acute skills shortage in the UK market could be exacerbated by a weaker pound and lead to a ‘brain drain’ as UK professionals look to take higher paid jobs in overseas markets such as the US for example.
Overall Brexit may mean that the UK is simply less competitive globally in it’s ability to attract, develop and retain Cyber Security talent in a global market where the skills shortage is widely estimated to grow to 2 million people plus by the end of 2017. A shrinking talent pool will make it harder for employers to recruit and in turn weaken the UK’s ability to protect itself from the ever growing threat of Cyber Crime.” 


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