Adeptis Team at the IP Expo Europe

Last week the Adeptis UK Team attended the IP Expo at the ExCel London to network and to keep up to date with some of the latest happenings in the IT & Information Security market.

It was my first time attending an event like this and it was a great experience, some of the tools on displays were incredible! The only thing I can say I was upset about is the fact that I didn’t manage to find where people were getting those free light-sabers from before they had run out 🙁

Apart from being unable to fulfill my lifelong dream of joining the Sith empire (What!? They were always cooler than Jedi’s and everyone knows it.) the experience was great.

Exhibiton Hall of IP Expo


The first talk that we attended was from the guys at NTT on securing your data centers and how best to monitor the lateral traffic that doesn’t move through your firewall.

Following the talk, we decided to wander among the stands and chat with some of the delegates and presenters. I met some really great people at the event and it was great to hear a little more about the challenges that they are facing when it comes to the cyber world.

A topic that came up numerous times was how difficult it was to find qualified staff for roles in the UK. The general feeling was that there was a lack of good talent coming in from overseas.

People were surprised to hear that at Adeptis a great deal of our business is done by attracting top talent from Europe to the UK and by helping businesses in the UK to push themselves into Europe.

With Ken Munroe at IP Expo

Following a short break to escape from the ridiculous heat inside the venue, we went to watch the live hack talk from Ken Munroe at Pen Test Partners. It was both interesting and worrying, Ken made some very relevant points about the ways that the Internet of Things (IOT) is starting to begin compromising our security.

Ken’s talk was very interesting and he was more than happy to stop and have a chat after.

The rest of the day was spent having a chat with as many people as we could, things only got better when the free beer appeared!

IP Expo Exhibition hall

Have you been at the IP EXPO?
I would love to hear about your experience at the event!
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