7 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile !

7 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile !


„Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell“ Seth Godin

Considering the quote by Seth Godin, LinkedIn is the perfect place to tell your story – the proud story of years of hard work and the skills you have developed to forge a career. This content is important, as it is your opportunity to highlight and sell the skills that will allow you to succeed in future jobs.
As Steve Jobs said: „Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“

So here are 7 simple tips to improve your LinkedIn profile:

1. A great LinkedIn profile picture

LinkedIn Profile Picture Capture of Hubert Colvin - Head of Information Security Contract Recruitment at Adeptis Group- Cyber Security Staffing

The number of LinkedIn profile views is multiplied by 11 when a photo is included!
Whatever anyone says, the photo is important as it helps generate more profile visits. A great picture is one that looks professional and shows your face clearly. Employers like to see the face behind the mask that is your profile. Try not to be too risqué. In some areas of cyber security, the „geek culture“ may allow for some eccentricities as companies are becoming increasingly aware of this culture. However, if your role involves direct relationships with customers and especially within small businesses, the picture should represent you as you would present yourself when meeting a client face-to-face for the first time.[spacer height=“20″]

2. A linear and smooth representation of your career path

LinkedIn Screenshot of Head of Contract - Cyber Security Staffing

LinkedIn is not a CV, but more of a detailed business card. On a business card you do not put all the information about yourself but only the info that is likely to be of interest. If you have certain expertise and want to continue in this field, highlight you jobs and skills in this area. If you have several years of experience, remove student or entry level jobs that are no longer in touch with your business expertise. You can always talk about them in the interview. [spacer height=“20″]

3. Highlight keywords and use clear job titles

LinkedIn Profile - Hubert Colvin Head of Information Security Contract Recruitment at Adeptis Group - Cyber Security Staffing
Recruiters and managers often use keywords to search for candidates. List your skills before going over your career history. Use keywords that are known in the industry, especially if you specialise. Think about what you would search for if you were looking for someone with your skills set. Then test it. Can you find yourself?
Job titles should be simple and clear. Companies have all sorts of different titles for the same role, so use one that defines what position you held, and one that other business can relate to and understand.[spacer height=“20″]

4. Highlighting studies and certifications

LinkedIn Profile - Capture of Hubert Colvin, Head of Information Security Contract Recruitment at Adeptis Group
A LinkedIn profile overwhelmed with too much information may discourage readers and blur your intended focus. Select the most relevant degrees within your area of expertise. Do the same with your certifications. Please note, if you have degrees or certifications in demand on the market but not necessarily in your area of expertise, indicate it, you never know![spacer height=“20″]

5. Make yourself known!

LinkedIn Profile - Capture Connections of Hubert Colvin, Head of Information Security Contract Recruitment at Adeptis Group - Cyber Security Staffing

Get connecting with people in your professional circle and recruiters in your field of expertise. For example, by adding an Adeptis Group consultants, you have the ability to access a large network of people with an interest in cyber security. We post regularly articles, announcements and news about the industry.
Join groups in your area.
Go further by writing and commenting on articles. The idea is to inform your network about your expertise in this field.[spacer height=“20″]

6. Get recommended!

LinedIn Profile Capture - Recommendations - Cyber Security Staffing

Ask for recommendations from your former managers, colleagues, clients… If you did a good job, why wouldn’t they recommend you? Be selective in the recommendations and favor those from other industry professionals.[spacer height=“20″]

7. Show your personality!

The idea of a LinkedIn profile is to find the balance between your identity as an employee of your company and you as a person. Often LinkedIn profiles are heavily branded with company logos, colour codes or very specific picture styles. Don’t let company take over – your profile should be a much about self-branding too!


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