10 Important Interview Tips

1. Come prepared

Come prepared to your InterviewCheck out the company website, the interviewers LinkedIn profile, re-read the job description but also your CV! It’s quite astonishing how many people don’t do this or completely underestimate its importance!


2. Dress codeDress code

Make sure you dress according to the company’s dress code. There’s nothing worse than wearing a 3 piece suite, when your interviewer is in jeans or vice versa.

3. Be 10 minutes earlybe on time

This will give you the opportunity to calm any last minute nerves and focus on the interview ahead. Don’t leave anything to chance. Plan your journey ahead and allow extra time for delays. Beware arriving too early or late will have adverse consequences.


4. Don’t forget to switch off your phone!Keep calm and switch off your phone

Yes really switch it off! A faint buzzing noise in the background or a vibrating chair/ table can be quite distracting and will be noticed by the interviewer.


5. Take a pen and notepadDon't forget a notepad

Or better yet print a copy of your CV and write down notes on the back. That way you have a copy of your CV with you during the interview. This will avoid any embarrassing situations where the interviewer asks you a question about something on your CV and you can’t remember exactly what is says.

6. Anything wrong?nervous

If there is anything wrong at all that could affect your performance in the interview (like being really nervous) then it’s best to tell the interviewer straight away, so they can take it into consideration.

7. Show enthusiasmShow enthusiasm

Most interview tips will include this tip in some form or other. But how do you show enthusiasm without pasting a cheesy grin on your face and acting like an over excited teenager? Well the best way to show professional enthusiasm is to ask questions about the role, team, company and strategy. You might have to prepare these beforehand and ideally write some down, so you don’t forget them in the heat of the moment.


8. Be Honest but sell your abilitiesEmploySkills

It goes without saying that you should always answer honesty during an interview! But remember the interview is your opportunity to sell yourself and your abilities to your prospective employer. So don’t sell yourself short and offset any areas of weakness with one of your strengths. In reality this means giving examples of how quickly you can learn new skills and / or examples of similar or transferable skills. Take every opportunity to tell them about your achievements, as well as your skills.

9. Don’t talk about salary, benefits or holidays at the first interview, unless you’re asked!Avoid ...

An interview goes two ways. It’s a chance for your prospective employer to get to know you and find out what skills and abilities you offer. At the same time it’s also for you to explore if you like the company, the job and the team. Salary and benefits is important but only if this is the job for you. So in the first interview you should focus on assessing the building, the people, the working environment, the job content etc. If it’s a good match the conversation around benefits will come later in the process

10. Tell them you want the job!Yes you can do it!!

Even if you feel the interview didn’t go as well as you’d like. If you want the job tell them because if can make all the difference. At the end of the interview thank them for their time and express your interest in progressing to the next stage or if you’re at a final stage, tell them you want the job.

Good Luck!

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