Solution Design/Architecture

Solution Design/Architecture

Solution Design/Architecture professionals are brought into many organizations to design, develop and implement a secure and protected architecture. This is across networks, applications and IT systems.

Companies of all sizes currently accessing cyberspace must have a security framework to safeguard data and people from today’s social media and cyber criminal threats.

Having the best solution that adapts to your business in both security and cost, requires careful analysis and expertise from subject matter experts with years of real-world experience.

With 43% of enterprises adopting an encryption strategy, business protecting their data and guarding themselves against human error is a major priority.   

Professionals within the Solution Design/Architecture space will need to be able to build and design world-class security systems, mitigate threats by adapting the architecture, and constantly identify gaps that need to be changed/enhanced.     

Adeptis Group has access to a network of professionals who can provide full Solution Design/Architecture assessment services to meet your business needs with quality assurance.

The candidates we have access to have experience in global architectural approach, encryption strategy, access methodology, compliance controls, identity management planning and layered defence approach.


Recent roles filled include :-

  • Security Architect
  • Technical Security Architect
  • Technical Design Authority
  • Cloud Security Architect
  • Lead Cyber Security Solution Architect
  • EMEA Regional Lead Advanced Security Operations

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