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Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) is one of the core recruitment areas of business for Adeptis Group. In recent years the number of high profile data breaches and hacks has increased exponentially.

Being the victim of a large scale attack that catches media attention can cause immeasurable damage. Whilst it can be fairly easy to quantify costs when looking at fines, it is much harder to place a value on reputational damage. With newer standards like GDPR allowing the government to impose even bigger fines, it is becoming more likely that some businesses will not survive the fallout of a large attack.

With the current threat landscape, large businesses are tightening the net on their supply chain and the 3rd parties that they work with. This has made it more difficult for smaller businesses to start collaborating with the large global players unless they comply with certain standards.

We can help deliver you the right professionals to work within Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC). This could be implementing an enterprise GRC project, performing an indepth privacy and PCI DSS audit or even run a risk transformation program.

We cover all disciplines within GRC including data governance, compliance, information security, compliance and auditing.

Our extensive network within the cyber security market means we have access to a wider talent pool than our UK centric competitors.

Recent roles we have filled within GRC include :-

  • Head of Data Governance
  • Enterprise Risk Manager
  • Governance & Risk Director
  • Compliance Advisory Manager
  • Data Security Senior Auditor
  • IT Security Consultant

Since 2015, Adeptis Group have been headhunting top cyber security professionals into GRC roles across the globe. Adeptis Group prides itself in being a pure play cyber security recruitment company meaning the recruiters at Adeptis Group are exclusively assigned to working the Cyber Security market, we are not a generalist IT recruiter with competing demands.

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