Cyber Crime Still on the Rise Using Nine Basic Attack Methods

The number of significant computer security breaches at large companies, government agencies and other organizations continues to rise, and nearly all of them were variants of one of nine kinds of attacks, new research from telecom giant Verizon suggests. According to the company’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, a widely referenced annual collection of data

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Europol kills off shape-shifting ‘Mystique’ malware

Shapeshifting malware that changes its identity up to 19 times a day to avoid detection has been deactivated by Europe’s Cybercrime Centre and the FBI. At its height in September 2014 the malware, called Beebone, was controlling 100,000 computers a day. Criminals used it to help steal passwords and download other programs to the infected

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Lizard Squad in action again…

Lenovo’s Web site was hacked on Wednesday, giving the PC giant’s security team another black eye before it has even healed from the Superfish fiasco. The Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the attacks via its Twitter account. The hacker posted an e-mail exchange between Lenovo employees discussing Superfish, according to a Reuters report. Then the

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Business Execs Who Stay in Asian Luxury Hotels Fall Prey to Cyber Espionage

Security researchers have uncovered a sophisticated industrial espionage campaign that targets business executives in luxury hotels across Asia once they sign on to computers using in-room wireless connections they consider private and secure. The attacks, which go well beyond typical cybercriminal operations, have claimed thousands of victims dating back to 2009 and continue to do

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Why Franchisees Are on Cybercriminals’ Radar

As we have seen from the string of data breaches this past year, any business — no matter the size — can fall victim to a data breach.  Yet, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still have that “it won’t happen to me” mentality.  They assume criminals are after the “big guys,” the businesses that store, process

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