Cyber Security Salary Survey Report 2018

In March 2018, Exabeam created a survey for Cyber Security professionals to gain insights including job satisfaction in current positions within the cyber market. Below are some of the findings…     Please let us know your comments on the findings. If you are interested in reading the full article, please read the full Exabean

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password encryption

How Protected Are Your Passwords?

Ever wondered about how your passwords are stored on the various websites that we use every day and whether they are safe? Plain Text Passwords This is the worst way a password can be stored. Plain text is unencrypted and will be stored as is e.g. if your password was “letmein123” it would be stored

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National Cyber Security Strategy

National Cyber Security Strategy Summary

The Government today launched its new National Cyber Security Strategy.  The Strategy, underpinned by £1.9bn investment, sets out how the UK will use automated defences to defend citizens and businesses against growing cyber threats, support the UK’s growing cyber security industry, develop a world-class cyber workforce and deter cyber-attacks from criminals and hostile actors.  

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Put a SOC in it

To insource or outsource? – that is the Question. Introduction With the way that the world is currently moving, the need for Cyber Security is unquestionable. Technology is now not only at the core of most businesses, but of the lives of individuals too. Our growing dependence on technology is undeniable, everything is connected to

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Brexit UK

Brexit – How does it affect your security (in the UK)?

UK voters decided to leave the European Union just a week ago and the majority of discussions about the Brexti are centered on the economy, immigration and education. But how does the Brexit affect UK businesses and their data security? This is what Jonathan Palling has to say about the cyber security skills shortage. Brexit: Will there

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L’origine de l’absence des femmes en Cyber Sécurité

De nos jours encore, la cyber sécurité est un domaine où les femmes représentent une minorité ! En effet, seulement 9% d’entre elles sont RSSI et le Chaos Computer Club (une des organisations de hackers les plus influentes en Europe) est composé à 80% d’hommes. Pourquoi ? Où sont les femmes en cyber sécurité ?

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MI5: Technology Terror Risk

Advances in technology are allowing terrorists to communicate “out of the reach of authorities”, head of MI5 Andrew Parker has told the BBC. The serving boss of the UK’s home security agency told the Today programme it was becoming more difficult to obtain online information. He said internet companies had an “ethical responsibility” to alert

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“Cybersecurity” the word for 2015

[full_width background=”dark”] [parallax imgsrc=”/wp-content/uploads/bg-corporate-building.jpg”] [/parallax] [/full_width] In the age of the mega-hack, a cyber protection industry percolates. If “plastics” was the word for 1967, “cybersecurity” may be it for 2015. In the age of the mega-hack, companies are scrambling to protect themselves. And that has spawned a bewildering array of products and services for cyber

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Privatsphäre und Anonymität bei vielen VPN-Diensten nicht gewährleistet

Sicherheitsforscher zeigen auf, dass viele kommerzielle VPN-Dienste Verbindungen nicht ausreichend absichern und Nutzer teilweise sogar unwissentlich außerhalb eines VPN-Tunnels surfen. Nutzer eines VPN-Dienstes sollten sich nicht zu sicher fühlen, denn in einem Bericht warnen Sicherheitsforscher davor, dass übertragene Daten in manchen Fällen nicht ausreichend abgeschottet sind. Dritte könnten im schlimmsten Fall alle Informationen einsehen. Zu

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Britische Geheimdienste spionieren sich aus Versehen selbst aus

Britische Geheimdienste spionieren sich aus Versehen selbst aus GCHQ, MI5 und MI6 wissen manchmal offensichtlich nicht, was genau ihre Spionagesoftware da tut. Ab und zu geraten auch die Daten der eigenen Kollegen ins Visier.Wer denkt, Angestellte bei einem Geheimdienst wären vor der Spionage des eigenen Dienstes sicher, hat sich geschnitten.     Wie der Geheimdienst-Beauftragte der

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