BlackHat 2016 London …a lesson to remember ….The Cyberpackage law

The London BlackHat summit  was a great opportunity for the Cyber Security community, with people from across the globe attending the event our teams was delighted to mix with the crowd.

From a talent spotting point of view Cyber Security is dynamic and fast changing landscape.

BlackHat Europe Network

The Adeptis’ French, UK & DACH team interacted with some of the brightest security ‘s minds in Europe on a daily basis, it was the chance to meet, discuss (drink) and argue and exchange with our tribe!

During these 2 days we simply questioned vendors’ representatives, Engineers (mostly architects and pentesters) and  CEOs of firms operating globally (North America, UK, Europe, and Middle East).Adeptis Group UK Team at BlackHat


The consensus is quite clear from my point of view: the audience of Security experts is creating a unique culture combining high standards of works, an appetite for sharing best practices  and a great desire to embrace professional adventures as “projects that matters” on a global scale.

For clients the impact of this new paradigm is huge: chasing talent is not anymore a question of skills hunting versus salary or package, the challenge is to offer a genuine platform for individuals and team to embrace the revolution of our generation….I call it the Cyberpackage law.

BlackHat Networking with Jeremiah

  1.  Real concrete ongoing training from top to down
  2.  A clear offer on global events (i.e. from ethical hackers to high impacts strategists, your cyber experts want to meet their counterparts on a regular basis in Europe North America, Asia, Africa).
  3. Budget and time for Research and Development on Cyber Security subjects matters

Firms able to provide this Cyberpackage are the ones who will make a real difference.

BlackHat Business Hall

At Adeptis Group, we believe that the Cyber Security sector is accelerating the convergence of energy, automation and software, allowing us to deliver more advanced technology and innovation at every level, the challenge go therefore beyond simple supply/ demand recruitment market models.

At the end of the day, we would like to  share a common goal: making the Cyber Security tribe more connected, safe, reliable, efficient for today and for future the generations.

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