From the extraction of oil and gas, and natural resources, to the distribution of power, systems security is essential for companies in this sector.
The use of SCADA, Industry Control Systems (ICS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) predates the internet and while it may be stable, it is also susceptible to cyber attack. A cyber attack could compromise an oil pipeline or paralyse an entire power grid. There is also a significant risk of IP theft and loss of competitive advantage if project plans are compromised.At the end of 2014, the CERT division of the Software Engineering Institute, revealed that Russian malware called Black Energy had infected the software controlling electrical turbines in the United States. A serious breach could affect water distribution and filtration systems, complex industrial operations like oil and gas pipelines or power transmission grids, all essential elements of a modern industrial society. Adeptis Group is specialised in helping companies find Cyber Security professionals in the Energy industry.

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